Indian Police Force Twitter Reviews: Rohit Shetty’s ‘childish yet highly entertaining’ web series has a standout performance from Sidharth Malhotra.

After “Indian Police Force” by Rohit Shetty debuted on OTT, fans of the law enforcement genre are “absolutely hooked!”

Those who saw the premiere of Sidharth Malhotra, Shilpa Shetty, and Vivek Oberoi’s new web series last night had some intriguing things to say about it.

Fans are already binge-watching the series to get their heart rates up. Shetty’s trademark action, thrills, and adventure are brought to the small screen in this intense police thriller.

Fans gushed about the show’s action sequences on Twitter, claiming that they are “unlike anything seen before.”

One admirer of the play praised it on social media, writing, “#RohitShetty directed #IndianPoliceForce is engaging and thoroughly entertaining.” Because he is aware of the general public’s needs, Rohit has created shows that specifically appeal to each demographic.”

“#IndianPoliceForceOnPrime #IndianPoliceForce is a decent web series,” said another. You shouldn’t anticipate many twists because the plot revolves around apprehending those responsible for bomb explosions. However, I thought the action choreography and the settings and the performers themselves were excellent. It appears to be a high-end web series with realistic action scenes. Good viewing on OTT.”

Another commented, “Aap #RohitShetty action Kafi aacha Direct karte Hooo, aur series me action kafi Jabardast hai.” Such as: Car chases, hand-to-hand fighting, and an excessive amount of action diversity. I think the #IndianPoliceForceOnPrime action is great, and the OTT premiere is excellent.”

Some people were blown away by the film’s action sequences, but others weren’t as taken aback and nevertheless watched it through to the end. Even though the movie had some amazing action and dramatic moments, other people felt that the series had some “childish” but nonetheless “entertaining” moments.

“This is so childish yet very entertaining Lol,” someone tweeted. Daya or Abhijit should have done this on CID, right?

Is this how a highly skilled force opens the door? Funny,” said someone else.

Despite differing opinions, critics generally agreed that the series’ star, Sidharth Malhotra, gave it his best. “I binge-watched #IndianPoliceForce last night,” a fan commented. While not too excellent, #SidharthMalhotra is amazing. What amazing presence on screen! And my goodness, his acting has come a long way.”

Another person added, “Siddi boy, Kabir Malik is going to be iconic.”

“After watching #SidharthMalhotra, I am already engrossed in this #IndianPoliceForce; it’s going to be incredible. This is just the beginning.”Thanks to @SidMalhotra, I’m completely engrossed in #IndianPoliceForce! I really can’t get enough of his performance; it’s the heart and soul of the play,” another person said.

Vivek Oberoi and Sharad Kelkar, who played the costars, also captured hearts with their outstanding performances. “There is only one guy who is doing best is @SharadK7,” a fan stated. He ought to be receiving more than he is.”

Another remarked, “#VivekOberoi takes the cake this time; he is excellent. #IndianPoliceForce is quite entertaining and is a typical Rohit Shetty universe. #SiddharthMalhotra and #ShilpaShetty are nice. An unfailing blockbuster show.”

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