Iran launches missiles at Pakistan following operations in Syria and Iraq.

Pakistan alerted its neighboring nation to the possibility of “serious consequences” from such activities.

After strikes in Iraq and Syria, Iran fires missiles at Pakistan

Pakistan sharply condemned Iran’s “violation of its airspace” on Wednesday. Tehran claimed to have attacked two bases that belonged to the militant group Jaish al-Adl.

Additionally, it forewarned the neighboring nation that such activities may result in “serious consequences”.

Iran launched operations in Pakistan on Tuesday, according to the country’s official media, hitting what it claimed to be strongholds for the militant group. This might exacerbate tensions in the Middle East, which is already tense due to Israel’s conflict with Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

The incident happened the day after comparable Iranian strikes in Syria and Iraq.

Pakistan has submitted its “strongest condemnation of this blatant violation” of its sovereignty by calling the Iranian charge d’affaires to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The act by Iran was also referred to as a “unprovoked violation of its airspace” by the Foreign Office of Pakistan.

Iran reportedly used drones and missiles to attack the extremist group’s bases.

The location of the casualties was not disclosed by Pakistan’s Foreign Office. It is believed that the bases were located in Balochistan, however.

According to Islamabad, three children were injured and two children died as a result of the attack.

Pakistan strongly objects to the infringement of its sovereignty. The Foreign Office of Pakistan voiced worry that the “illegal act took place despite the existence of several established channels of communication between Pakistan and Iran” and stated, “It is completely unacceptable and it may have serious consequences.”

“The highest responsible official at the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Tehran has already received a strong protest. It also stated, “The Iranian charge d’affaires has also been summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to express our utmost condemnation of this flagrant breach of Pakistan’s sovereignty and that Iran will bear full responsibility for the consequences.”

Mostly active in Pakistan, Jaish al-Adl, often known as the “Army of Justice,” is a Sunni militant organization that was established in 2012. Iran has battled terrorists in border regions, but an attack on Pakistan with missiles and drones would be a first for Iran.

The Pakistani Foreign Office went on to say, “Pakistan has consistently stated that terrorism poses a threat to all nations in the area and calls for concerted response. Such unilateral actions can substantially erode bilateral trust and confidence and are not consistent with healthy neighborly relations.”

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